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Harmony in relationships:
how to let go of reactivity
and judgments

CYNTHIA HICKMANN: Psychologist and author of the book Handbook for Being Human

Do you notice that you have expectations and judgments on others? Do you want things done ‘your way’? Have you noticed that you make decisions about right and wrong and that this leads to arguments? Without realising, we are often holding on to our own hurts and needs and this then imposes on our partners, children, friends or colleagues. These patterns all have an impact on the potential of our relationships.

According to psychologist Cynthia Hickman, giving space to others sets a foundation for love in relationships. So how might we do this in daily life? Join the conversation with Mariette Reineke (E&M Talks) and Cynthia Hickman on how to bring harmony, flow and acceptance into our relationships.

This is the link to her book: Handbook for Being Human

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