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How to bring joy back to work – In conversation with Zofia Sharman


Zofia Sharman Recruiter and employee/business wellbeing career coach

Builder, lawyer, nurse, no industry or profession is immune to stress or burn-out. The amount of people worldwide dealing with workplace intensity is through the roof. This has an enormous impact on the workforces, and how they operate. Workplaces and itheir efficiency are deteriorating rapidly. It’s harder to find staff that are truly engaged, feeling vital in their job, interacting harmoniously with colleagues, and producing quality work.


Zofia, recruiter and employee/business wellbeing career coach, observes a global dis-engagement and dis-interest in work and wonders why and how come we have lost the joy to work. Struggle at work seems to be the norm, so is withdrawal with a preference to work from home for ‘work-life balance’ frequently used more as a way to escape office place drama or toxicity. "The way we live is the way we work; and the way we work is the way we live; you cannot separate the two.” A deeper care for our health, wellbeing and vitality is needed, whereby expression is key.


Join the conversation with Zofia and E&M talks about what is needed to bring more joy to workplaces and to connect deeper to ourselves and the purpose of why we work and what we bring to it.  

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