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Womens Talks

There is something about women coming together and share about life and what is going on for us. 

Recently we shared dinner with a couple of women and talked about what was going on for us in our life. We talked about our relationships/marriages, what is going on in schools, about the relationship with our mother (and how our voice can change when we talk with her on the phone), about parenting and about what our reactions and emotions tell us about ourselves. It was such a rich evening, as we have had many rich moments, when we had either lunch, dinner or gatherings with women. 

Several women have asked us why we don't organize webinars where we both present and share with other women about our own life, learnings, realizations, woopsies (so called mistakes, from which we can always learn), developments and wisdom. Great question, why not? We might feel at times that we are the only one experiencing something, but that is not true. We are never alone and we can't do anything alone. That is the power of coming together and sharing: to feel we are not alone and that we always walk side by side. 

Once a month E&M Talks organizes Womens Talks, an interactive webinar for women (via zoom with camera's on) to come together and have a conversation about a specific topic. These gatherings are exclusively in Dutch. 


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Wednesday 29 march 2023 

Tuesday 18 april 2023

Tuesday 23 may 2023

Thursday 22 june 2023

Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm CEST ( via zoom)

Price: € 5,-

Maximum nubmer of 10 participants / This gathering is only in Dutch 

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