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Welcome to E&M Talks -

Conversations about life with Eleonora and Mariette 

We organize online talks and live talks with national and international presenters and start the conversation about life topics and social themes.


These are topics that many of us have to deal with, now or later, but somehow hardly talk about. We have either labelled them as taboo, tend to avoid them, we find it challenging or we think it does not concern us. By starting the conversation, we connect with each other, we become aware, inspire each other and come to realize that we are never alone in the things we experience. E&M Talks shines a different light on life topics and the conversations we have reflect there is another way of living and being. 


Who are Eleonora & Mariette?

We have known each other since age 18 but truly met each other later in life, when we discovered that we were walking around with similar inquiries about life. Who are we, why are we here, why do we live in a way that does not make sense and why do we feel like something is missing? Along the way we started organizing gatherings for women at Eleonora’s kitchen table in Amsterdam. We both love bringing people together, connecting with them and talking about what is really going on in people their life. By having conversations, we learn from each other and can get reflected to make other choices.


Webinar Recordings

Did a friend tell you that you missed out on a great webinar? No you didn't!

You can purchase our past recordings. See below the recordings that are available.


E&M Newsletter

Stay tuned and receive the latest news on upcoming webinars and new inspirations on our website.

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