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Past the small talk
In conversation with Luuk, Magalie & Mart

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Luuk, Magalie and Mart

"Hey, what's up?"


It's a question we ask each other daily and usually answer quickly. Taking the time and space that the question deserves, we actually do that very little.  


Does the quick answer from yourself or someone else do justice to how you really experience life at this moment? That is difficult to assess. Why do we actually find it so difficult to answer this question honestly or to keep asking? Why don't we seek that depth with each other more often?


 "Hey, what is going on for you?", "What keeps you busy at the moment?", "What do you get out of bed in the morning for?" 


Beyond small talk goes beyond "good," "okay," or "busy." E&M Talks talks to Magalie, Mart and Luuk about their answer, and how they try to figure out how they and others are doing. They share their experiences and observations from their college days and life shortly after college. 


An evening with insights and experiences that might help you to go beyond the chitchat.

This Live Talk is in Dutch.

Date: 26th of October

Time: 8 pm - 9.30 pm

Location: Scheltema in Leiden

Price: €7,50

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