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Staying connected in the midst of a storm
A conversation with Anne Scott


ANNE SCOTT: Mediator and facilitator, stress prevention and management consultant, lifestyle consultant

For nearly five years, Anne worked as a volunteer in the biggest men’s prison in New Zealand, presenting yoga and meditation programs for up to 14 men every week and also working one on one with prisoners in the prison’s ‘at risk’ unit. Regardless of the number of tattoos, the reason for imprisonment, behaviours or emotions, Anne has always met all the men for whom they are in essence, without judgement or imposition. ”They are all very gentle underneath”.


In this time Anne experienced some riot situations and conflicts, yet she was able to stay steady, observing what was going on and remaining still inside. How did Anne do this and what can we learn from it in our everyday life? We are all dealing with a world that is getting more and more intense, with people behaving in ways that are getting more extreme.


Join the conversation with Anne about what she has learned from working in prison and how you can live in a way where you stay connected with yourself, even in the midst of a storm.  

This webinar is in English

Date: 22th of November 2023

Time 8 pm 

Costs: 15 euro

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