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What is the youth
mirroring us?

We are in a global crisis, according to Rachel Andras. More and more young people feel lost and are dealing with a lack of self-worth, mental health issues and an overall lack of purpose in life. The consequences of social media, gaming, gambling, streaming and internet porn are immeasurable. Do we truly want to see this? 69% of young people are estimated to have mental health issues since the COVID-19 pandemic started, with lasting consequences for the current decade. However, this is the manifestation of a trend that was already seen pre-crisis and to be able to bounce back depends on the support offered.

Join the conversation with E&M Talks and Rachel Andras about what is needed from all of us to support young people with the issues we all face today. How can we help them with developing their full potential and to re-claim and re-ignite their sense of self-worth and purpose and knowing that their contribution is valued.

Check out the website of the Youth Platform True2You founded by Rachel Andras.

RACHEL ANDRAS Director of Fundación INDERA and founder of True2You

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Price recording: 15€

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