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In conversation with Neil Gamble on true leadership

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Neil Gamble Former CEO and author 

For over 30 years, Neil Gamble worked as an CEO for international organizations. Through trial, observation, and sometimes mistakes he has come to understand what it means to be a true leader. He opines – ‘we are all leaders in some way or the other’. 

 There is a bigger call for a global paradigm shift in our living ways; but where does this begin? 


According to Neil, an evolved world begins with all of us and how we live, how we relate to others and how we truly embody vital living ways on a daily basis. Most of us live in a way thinking we have separate lives - one private at home and one at work. However, all the choices we make at home have a ripple effect into the workplace and with the colleagues we work with and vice versa. Everything is connected. Our day-to-day way of living, how we are in our relationships, how we are with our family, what we do over the weekend all have an impact on everything and everyone.

 Look around us – we see mankind is not living and relating to others in vital ways.

Here is a link to Neils book: the leadership trance

Price recording15€

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