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Being a mother; are we ever good enough? 
A conversation with Sharon G

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Sharon Gavioli: Nurse, Childbirth Educator and Counsellor

Sharon always thought she would have 4 children, but after 10 pregnancies ended up with 7 children: 5 boys and 2 girls. The way she mothered had a huge impact on her body due to always being in effort as she never felt she was enough. This resulted in putting an intense pressure on herself to be a good mother from the many pictures and ideals she had taken on about mothering.  

Deep down she knew this was not working, and that something was not right about the way we as women mother. No matter how much we do, it never feels like we get it right. We can spend a lot of trying to control situations, so we save our children from the challenges in life. 


With the awareness that the way she was mothering was not true, Sharon has transformed how she is a mother that comes from a foundation that she is a woman first, who is also a mother. And she understands now that her children have everything they need within them to navigate and learn from what presents in their lives. 


Join the conversation with Sharon Gavioli and E&M Talks about the many pictures, expectations, and ideals around motherhood. Why do we as women accept it like this and how can we be a mother in a way that never forgets we are women first?

This webinar is in English.

Date: Wednesday 8th of November 2023

Via ZOOM (you receive the link after payment)

Time 8 pm (CEST)

Costs: 15 euro

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