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The journey of
constant betterment
to self-love

DONNA NOLAN Bodywork therapist, yoga teacher, PA

Donna Nolan was living the better life with the job of her dreams, but still she felt unfulfilled. Whatever she did, it was never enough, and her reality was one of constant unrest. She looked for relief through relationships, friends, travel, alcohol, recreational drugs and eventually through practicing meditation and yoga where she was convinced that was where all the answers lay. A diagnosis of breast cancer at age 33 and the treatment of chemotherapy was a stop moment for Donna. She realised how much she had been pushing through life, which in fact, had taken her further away from the settlement that she was looking for. Donna sees this same pattern in the many women that she has supported in her work: the need to do something, the constant effort and trying, and the pushing of their bodies to just get on with it.

Join the conversation with E&M talks and Donna Nolan about her book “Breathing My Own Breath” and how she transformed her way of living and being with herself from constant betterment to self-love and a deep honouring of her body.

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Price recording15€

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