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Breast cancer: a time to fight or to surrender?
A conversation with Michelle and Robin


Both Michelle (54) and Robin (34) got the diagnosis of breast cancer. Robin is still going through treatment at the moment, Michelle has recovered in the last 16 months from a double mastectomy and a reconstruction operation. Both women can’t relate to being a fighter, nor a victim.

Although the question why me? did come up the answers they came to may surprise you. 


They have both experienced the diagnosis as an opportunity to heal, deepen the relationship with themselves and others, and to honor more deeply what they feel is true.


What have both women learned, and continue to learn, since getting the diagnosis? What myths and pictures are out there that don’t feel true to them? And how can you still feel as the woman that you are, even if your treatment makes you gain weight, makes your hair fall out or lose your breasts? 


Join the conversation with Michelle and Robin about their breast cancer experiences.

This webinar is in English.

Date: Monday 30th of October 2023


Time: 8 pm 

Costs: 15 euro

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