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Let's talk about
death and dying

BEVERLY BULMER: Celebrant and founder/presenter of
Leaving Gracefully

Death and dying, and especially our own unavoidable passing over, is not a popular topic. We mostly prefer to be in denial, especially when we are in the midst of our life. According to Beverley Bulmer, talking about death is not a difficult conversation, it only has the potential to be difficult if it is a conversation that is left too late. "Death is easier to talk about when you are fit and well".

Join the conversation with Mariette Reineke and Beverly Bulmer about death and dying and why we leave this topic till the end or not talk about it at all. And what does it mean to prepare and plan for your end of life now?.

This is the link to the beautiful website of Leaving Gracefully.

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Price recording: 15€


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