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Since the call by RIVM and the Ministry of VWS, there are sometimes heated discussions at the kitchen table about the HPV vaccines; should you get your daughter vaccinated or not? Many parents and girls experience a pressure because the government says so, so then it must be necessary. That pressure only gets stronger if other girls at school do take the vaccine, and your daughter or you as a parent have doubts. What factors do you weigh in your decision?


Dick Bijl also regularly gets questions from parents about the vaccine. What are the pros and cons? What are the side effects and are they already sufficiently known? Why do girls as young as 9 years old need to be vaccinated? What exactly is the HPV vaccine and what are the chances of getting cervical cancer? In short, there are many questions and the information provided does not always provide clear answers. 


E&M Talks will discuss the HPV vaccines with Dick Bijl, with plenty of room for questions. Everyone is welcome, including daughters!

This webinar is in Dutch.


Dick Bijl - voormalig huisarts, epidemioloog en auteur

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